This website is a clearinghouse of sorts of the latest posts and podcasts about the mysterious and fascinating stories out there, primarily those of an investigative nature. Like so many others, I got sucked into the true-crime rabbit hole thanks to Serial, and started listening to the resultant podcasts, Undisclosed, Truth and Justice, and now a whole heck of a lot of other related shows, as well as other media exploring our flawed justice system and mysterious happenings. I am also a pop culture fanatic and enjoy podcasts, books, and articles about the history of our celebrity and entertainment culture.  I run my own business in a fairly stressful segment of the service industry. I love what I do, and it's not like I face life or death decisions every day - but it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.  I have found that engrossing myself in a mystery where the ramifications of solving them are far more important than what I do every day, is a tonic of sorts to my day to day work, with the hope that the truth is found for the benefit of all involved. 


All photos on this site are by me unless where indicated.